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Hair loss has become a major problem worldwide and affected all people. 30% of women 50% of men at ages 50 and forty respectively, will experience hair loss, and this has been discovered through research. Men experience hair loss around the crown while women hair loss occurs all around the head. Pregnancy and menopause are a major cause of alopecia in women. When alopecia is due to hormone imbalances or a health condition, reversing these states will lead to normal hair growth. Some of the factors that lead to hair loss are, stresses, poor immunity, imbalanced diet, dental treatments, some particular drugs, and cosmetics.

Once you are past these causes, you can regain back the hair you lost. The case can be harder if the cause of hair loss is genetic but still there are treatments that can help. various treatments have been designed for people experiencing hair loss.

The most popular hair loss treatments are minoxidil and finasteride which have been approved by FDA and their working proven. These are the initial considerations for treatment although these drugs have side effects and finasteride is not used for women. The most successful way of regaining hair is through a transplant. Follicular replacement surgery is costly, and it is crucial to go to a professional surgery, but the strategies like FUE transplants are unrivaled by any other treatment or camouflage.

Both treatments work, but one has to be patient to wait for them to work and also one should be ready to incur cost. There are many companies that have tried to sell some products claiming that they have similar working to the named products and their results are quicker, but they have no proof.

The best way to get quality hair thickening faster is through a cosmetic. The cosmetics are made of minute threads of keratin which glue on the hair cavity via electrostatic charges and result in fine, invisible and better follicles. These fibers hide the scalp exposed by hair loss even under bright light, wind and rain. There are no other products that can be designed to function properly in mimicking the thinning. Keratin fibers have increased in their use not just because of the camouflaging factor but because they are harmless to use in other treatments and prior and after a transplant. Many surgeons will use these fine fibers before their patient’s hair grow after the surgery. These threads are easy to use, you just apply on the areas and evenly spread on the area, and the charges will attach the fibers to the cavity. The fibers are natural as they are made of keratin which is the hair material.

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