City program for home repair helps NW residents

by Pryce Jamison

Out of the 2,362 residents who received home repairs from the city’s Basic Systems Repair Program in the fiscal year 2022-23, Germantown had 100 recipients and Mt. Airy had 26, according to the Philadelphia Housing Development Corporation (PHDC). Chestnut Hill had zero.

In Philadelphia, among the 41 zip codes with residents receiving repairs, Germantown (19144) ranked 11th, with only 10 other zip codes having more than 100 recipients.

The PHDC’s main goal throughout the 40-year history of its program has been to provide a process that homeowners in low-income environments can utilize to sustain life comfortably in

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Home Repair Program To Help Senior Citizens in Forest Park | News

FOREST PARK — The city of Forest Park has launched of its Homeowner Maintenance Enhancements Program to help residents ages 62 and older with essential home repairs or modifications.

The initiative — approved unanimously by Mayor Angelyne Butler and the City Council — allocates $1.3 million in American Rescue Plan Act grant funding to help cover the cost of eligible repair work ranging from roofing, painting, and minor electrical work to ADA improvements, siding, and more.

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Akron’s home repair program faces delays and questions from residents

AKRON, Ohio — Several communities across Ohio received huge chunks of cash after the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan Act, aimed at helping people recover from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, was passed in 2021. Akron received $145 million and decided to allocate $20 million towards a new program to fix up older homes in sections of the city.

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While some residents are reaping the plan’s benefits,

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Contractors needed for Westmoreland home repair program

Westmoreland County has the money and low-income homeowners lined up for a house repair program.

But officials can’t find anyone to do the work.

“We’ve put out 400 emails and sent out 325 direct mailings and have gotten zero response,” said Redevelopment Authority Executive Director Brian Lawrence of the county’s efforts to hire contractors for the program. “This is a critical program. We have $1.6 million to spend within the next year.”

The Whole Home Repair program will make fixes for homeowners in need. Officials said the program is designed to prevent residences from becoming blighted and targeted for demolition.

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Chester County launches Whole-Home Repairs program

Where does the money for Whole-Home Repairs Come from?

Funding for the initiative came by way of the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development’s allocation of American Rescue Plan Act money. State Sen. Nikil Saval introduced the Whole-Home Repairs program in 2022 as part of the state budget.

Philadelphia and its collar counties were slated to receive a combined $40 million.

While $50 million of Whole-Home Repairs funding is stuck in limbo due to the need for “additional legislative language,” Chester County’s allocation was not impacted. The county received its entire funding package.

The Chester County Department of Community

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