Inspector General of the Ministry of Agriculture Samuel Maringka & Vita Ervina Monitoring the Agricultural Program, Food Estate in Wonosobo

TRIBUNJATENG.COM, WONOSOBO – The Ministry of Agriculture, Inspector General Jan Samuel Maringka conducted monitoring and evaluation of agricultural programs implemented in Wonosobo as well as opening a Food Security Dialogue at the Regent’s Hall, Friday (24/02/2023).

Wonosobo was chosen as one of the Food Estate activities for horticulture development.

Inspector General Jan Samuel Maringka said this activity was part of an effort to deal with the food crisis that the world is currently experiencing.

So it is necessary to accelerate the development of food security which aims to realize national food sovereignty.

“We need to form a food production center.

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Property Developer Starts Lyrics of Alas Kethu Wonogiri, Available Types 36 and 48 –

SOLOPOS.COM – The atmosphere of the Safira Green Forest housing complex in the middle of Alas Kethu, Giriwono Village, Wonogiri District/Regency, Wednesday (22/2/2023). ( Diky Praditia), WONOGIRI — Wonogiri is considered to be a new market real estate or real estate in Soloraya. Residential property developers are starting to look at Wonogiri, including in Alas Kethu.

One of those developers, namely Safira Group. This property developer is developing housing in the middle of the Alas Kethu urban forest, Giriwono Village, Wonogiri District/Regency.

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Safira Group started to develop housing called

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New Re/Max agent produced 3D images of architectural designs


Michael “Mike” Brown has joined Re/Max Platinum Realty as an associate in the Wellen Park office.

Brown moved to Venice from Atlanta, where he owned an architectural visualization company.

Creating three-dimensional images of proposed architectural designs, Brown has brought the ideas and dreams of his clients to life for more than 30 years – from the creation of photorealistic renderings of high-rises in Pakistan to virtual walk-throughs of museums in Atlanta. As one of the pioneers in virtual reality, Brown worked with renowned clients such as IBM, Coca-Cola, Ernst and Young, RaceTrac and a large selection of architects, as

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Nuveen Real Estate to Invest in MyPlace, a Vertically-Integrated Self-Storage Platform

NEW YORK, Feb. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Nuveen Real Estate, one of the largest real estate investment managers in the world with more than $154 billion of assets under management, announced that it has invested in MyPlacea vertically-integrated self-storage platform, that was recently launched by thirty-year industry veteran, Kurt O’Brienthe founder and former CEO of Simply Storage.

Nuveen logo (PRNewsfoto/Nuveen)

MyPlace will operate nationally but will primarily focus on secondary markets across the Midwest, Sunbelt, and Mountain West with strong demographic trends and limited self-storage supply. With a focus on technology, MyPlace will leverage its expertise to

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3 Of The 5 Richest People In The World Are Making New Plays In The Real Estate Market

Real estate has long been considered a lucrative investment option for building wealth, and some of the world’s wealthiest individuals are no strangers to this fact.

In fact, three of the five richest people in the world are currently making unique plays in the industrial real estate. From buying up vast swaths of land to investing in cutting-edge technology, these billionaires are setting themselves apart in a field that has been a cornerstone of wealth creation for centuries.

Warren Buffett

Legendary investors Warren Buffett is betting on a strong housing market recovery. His recent purchase of 1.25 million shares

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