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HARRISBURG — A new Pennsylvania program to help homeowners with the cost of repairs launched last year with $125 million in federal pandemic aid. It’s one of the largest state investments of its kind in years.

Even so, overwhelming demand has led to long waitlists in many counties, Spotlight PA reported in December. And despite bipartisan support in Harrisburg, additional funding for the Whole-Homes Repair Program included in

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US widower and veteran fights grief and PTSD by offering home repairs – for free | Mississippi

A retired US military veteran is coping with grief from his wife’s death and post-traumatic stress from fighting in the Vietnam war by providing daily handyman services to people in his community – for free.

Danny Chauvin is the so-called “honey-do dude” of Waveland, Mississippi, according to a CBS Evening News profile of him published Friday. He told the news program that one of his favorite parts of his marriage to his wife had been the small, mostly repair and building tasks she would ask him to complete around the house, which Americans colloquially refer to as “honey-do” jobs.


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Aging in Place Home Repairs Are One of the Biggest Costs to Seniors — 4 Ways To Save

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Housing costs might be an unexpected source of financial stress in retirement. An analysis by T. Rowe Price found that even though healthcare expenses often top retirees’ cost concerns, housing costs are both the top spending category and the top source of spending volatility.

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Within the housing expense category, home repairs and improvements could be a particularly tricky area to manage. It can be hard to know exactly when you’ll need

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Do this to pay for emergency home repairs

Emergency home repairs can cost you thousands of dollars and easily break your budget. That’s why our viewer Chris reached out to Rossen Reports, asking, “What’s the best way to pay for an emergency home repair without draining your savings?”First, always check your homeowner’s insurance to see what’s covered. Also, see if you’re eligible for any government assistance programs, especially programs managed by your town or county. Then, pay for whatever you can upfront in cash. Experts recommend saving 1 to 4% of your home’s value to cover any emergency costs that arise.If you have an expensive repair or you’re … Read more

Yelp Has a New AI Bot for Home Repairs, and It’ll Quiz You on Your Needs

As online search evolves to become more conversational thanks to generative AI, review platform Yelp is riding the wave with a series of new features that allow you to pinpoint relevant businesses by interacting with an AI assistant.

Called Yelp Assistant, the feature lets you interact with a large language model — the same sort of process as when you type a prompt into ChatGPT or a similar chatbot — to find the right professional for jobs around your home.

By asking you a series of questions about the issue at hand — like, say, an upcoming move or a

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