Tips to Choose Between Bay and Bow Windows Regina

While looking for new types of windows in Regina, everybody would have heard about bow and bay windows. With their unique design, beauty and aesthetics to energy conservation, noise reduction and insulation features, these window types pride themselves to have an edge over the others. They are famous for the level of attraction and ability to add up space in the rooms.

Though, most of the people doubt their performance and are not sure about the version to be installed. But, this doesn’t mean that they should not consider these windows Regina. Before making any conclusion, they have to see more information and know about the following important aspects:

Bay Windows

Practically, bay windows Regina are the combination of different window constructions. Unlike their counterparts, it would be difficult to identify bay windows with the glass type, mechanism or number of panes. Rather, homeowners may find their architecture unique and the sign of identification. Heir sashes usually protrude outward and give more space to the room. They usually swing at common angles of 90, 130 and 150 degrees while, homeowners may customize them as needed.

Their common shape is square while manufacturers can also give a triangular form by joining two windows. Bay windows Regina are notable in the churches for the Gothic period while look good with San Francisco and colonial architecture.

Bow Windows

Bow windows are confused with bay windows due to their structure and style. But, they hold some differences. Bow windows have a curve that is less pointed or harsh and looks more like individual windows. They look more elegant and give a circular angle to the opening. Their construction is more about looks instead of practicality. They give more room than bay windows when opened. The best of all, they give an amazing sitting or storage space for inhabitants to either read books or enjoy their evening tea.

Which One to Choose?

To be honest, neither type can be declared better because their significance and benefits depend on the overall theme and requirements of the home. If owners are searching for bow or bay windows Regina, they must know differences between the two and ask for the type accordingly.

Considering the fact that bay windows have three sections and bow units have four or six sashes, homeowners can easily decide that whether they want extreme or curved angle. So, if homeowners want something that opens up to a small angle, bow Regina windows would be better but if they want sashes to extend out from the walls, then bay units are better.

Installation Factors

Considering their overall construction, bow and bay windows need some distinct considerations before making a selection. Although both types extend away from the home, it is necessary to know where homeowners want new windows and how much extra space they need in the room.

Ideally, homeowners should consider energy efficiency, insulation and privacy requirements. The selections must also adhere to local government’s permit and budget along with the extent of money saving.