Binghamton program funds home repairs for seniors: Who qualifies

Driving down Gaylord Street on the East Side of Binghamton, one house sticks out.

It’s not because of the big tree in front whose pink petals speckle the sidewalk or the neatly landscaped garden. Nor is it the clean blue-gray siding or the bright white trim.

What catches the eyes of passersby is a small wooden porch with smooth steps and intricate railings – a porch this time last year, 85-year-old Irene Perris says, was in disrepair with a board that would shift when someone stepped on it.

The First Ward Action Council’s Senior Home Repair Program, which is once

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Emergency home repair funds available

Financial assistance is available to eligible families in Mecosta and Osceola counties for emergency home repairs through the Mecosta/Osceola County Housing Commission.

Big Rapids Housing Commission assistant director Linda Miller said the funding comes from previous loans to homeowners through a Community Development Block Grant that have been repaid to the housing commission.

“Basically, we are just recycling the money each year,” Miller said. “Both counties have money available right now that must be used by June 30 or returned to the state.”

Miller said the Big Rapids Housing Commission currently has over $50,000 available for use on emergency home

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Amateur’s Guide On How To Sell Photographs Online And Make Funds

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