Signs Your AC Unit Needs Repair

Something Isn’t Quite Right

During the hottest months of summer, it’s not unusual to have your AC unit running most, if not all, of the day. After all, you’re looking for a bit of comfort after spending a good deal of time outside in the sun. However, if your AC is running more than usual, it may actually be a sign that the unit is damaged or in need of cleaning or another form of maintenance. Before you consider calling someone in for HVAC repair in Polk County FL look for these signs that your AC unit needs a little help.

The Signs

By taking a quick look at the unit, if you notice any water leaking out of it that seems more than just the usual condensation, you may be facing a problem. This is also the opportune time to see if the air coming out of the unit smells bad or has an unusual odor. This is especially important as it could indicate a Freon leak. In the event that your AC unit is leaking Freon, the area–and air–could become hazardous. Inhaling Freon in large quantities can be lethal, so you want to be especially careful when inspecting your unit.

Other signs that you may want to be made aware of is if the air coming from your AC unit is warm instead of cool. Perhaps there isn’t even much airflow at all. Or, by examining closely, maybe you see a large amount of dust in the house, particularly near AC vents. Finally, one of the most telling signs is your energy bill. While it will undoubtedly be higher if you keep the AC unit running for most of the day during the summer, if you start to notice a sudden increase, it could be a malfunctioning AC unit draining your energy.

A simple solution is to have All-Zone Air Conditioning inspect your AC unit and determine the problem. With their experience, you’ll be in good hands.