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How to Balance the Negative and Positive Space the Design of Finance Logos

The last decade has seen significant changes in the design of finance logos. Currently, logos are getting cleaner, simple to identify with a proper balance between the negative and positive space. A boost in your graphics will guarantee the success of your brand.

Brief about Negative Space

Simply, negative space is the blank left around the company logo and its essence cannot be underestimated. Negative space marks the outline of a logo. The negative space is an intentional aspect in a logo included to make it easy to spot and tell details about the brand.

You can make a logo stand out by balancing the negative and positive space. The following tips will help your design your own exciting logo:

Make it Basic

The primary goal of any company or brand is to create a demand for the products and services they offer. In order to make sure that possible customers don’t forget you, make your finance logo design simple.

A conventional loan firm maximizes on the negative space when crafting their logo. A basic house outline is a proper symbol of a conventional loan firm. Also, in mortgage firms, similar to a conventional loan company, the negative space also plays an important role in helping with identification.

A logo with stuffed with lots of elements such as excessive colors, symbols and shapes is complex to understand and is a turn off for prospective clients.

Stick to One Visual Trick

When a financial logo is decorated with two or more visual aids, customers will find it challenging to understand. Strive to create a professional design that customers can only associate with your brand.

For a company that deals in accounting, make sure you have a text for its name with a maximum of 2 colors. There are thousands of similar firms and to be unique, consider an object like a calculator that leaves enough space for a unique look.

Go the Traditional Way

Financial logo design are more successful when they’re crafted the traditional way in contrast with retail and art. Great examples of simple designs that prospective customers find straightforward to interpret are like those of banks. Consider Chase Bank, for instance. Chase bank has a financial logo designed in such a way that inside a blue and bold skillful Octagon is the word Chase in bold black text. As a firm, your aim is to tell a story and your potential logos should tell exactly that.

Wrapping Up

In a company logo, the negative space is more important that you can care to comprehend. With the tips above, you can make your next company finance logo design stand out by optimizing on the negative space.

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