Winter Home Maintenance Hacks to Prevent Claims

Winter is a beautiful time of year, but this season can be merciless on your home. If you’re not prepared, the chill, ice and snow bring a host of challenges. Equip your home with the ultimate winter defense to conquer the elements and enjoy the season to its fullest.

The Secrets to Winter Home Protection

Winter Surface Care

Hazardous winter conditions can cause accidents and injuries. Stock up on salt, ice melt or sand to enhance traction on slippery surfaces, such as sidewalks, steps and driveways. Ensure these materials are pet-friendly to protect your four-legged friends. These simple supplies will

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How to Fix and Prevent Bubbling Paint Like a Pro

Painting is a very satisfying home improvement task. In a few hours, you can change the entire look and feel a room. However, as with all DIY projects, it’s not always as easy as it seems. You can avoid a lot of problems by following our how-to painting guide. Some problems, however, don’t show up until after the paint has dried. Bubbling paint is one of them, and it’s a perfectionist’s nightmare.

Paint bubbling, or blistering, is one of those pesky unforeseen issues that can, ahem, pop up a few hours after you put down your brush or even years

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Prevent Foundation Cracks

houses for saleOur list of present properties for sale includes particulars and viewing details which can be downloaded below. I have flirted with the concept of a typical shingle roof but that appears like I would shed the feasible benefits of becoming as tornado resistant and possible loss of the coolness I could get from getting underground. Limestone possibly tough for trees but fantastic for basements since a basement built on limestone doesn’t move, expenses much less to develop and is simpler to remove water from about it. There is a reason why upscale residences in Texas are constructing them like crazy.… Read more