Off-duty firefighters helping with home repairs

Firefighter Handyman launched in January — dispatching off-duty firefighters to handle home repairs across the Twin Cities metro area.

PLYMOUTH, Minnesota — Firefighters are used to being on-call to serve the community. Now those skills are being used while off-duty, to help in a different way. 

Curtis Smith spent 18 years as a firefighter, mostly with the city of Golden Valley. 

“About five years ago I just thought, ‘These people are so talented. They’re such wonderful people. They’re so trustworthy. This really calls for some sort of business,'” Smith recalled. 

Firefighter Handyman launched in January — dispatching off-duty firefighters to

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An Inspection Doesn’t Equal Home Renovation

Without a professional inspection, no seller knows the exact condition of every aspect of their home. If something troublesome (think termites) turns up, the seller gets to address it in good time.

If a seller foregoes the cost of an inspection and lets the buyer’s inspector undercover something scary, the seller loses any advantage. He or she has to make decisions about repairs and costs under threat that the buyer is about to back out.

However, inspection reports can be the size of a book by

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City program for home repair helps NW residents

by Pryce Jamison

Out of the 2,362 residents who received home repairs from the city’s Basic Systems Repair Program in the fiscal year 2022-23, Germantown had 100 recipients and Mt. Airy had 26, according to the Philadelphia Housing Development Corporation (PHDC). Chestnut Hill had zero.

In Philadelphia, among the 41 zip codes with residents receiving repairs, Germantown (19144) ranked 11th, with only 10 other zip codes having more than 100 recipients.

The PHDC’s main goal throughout the 40-year history of its program has been to provide a process that homeowners in low-income environments can utilize to sustain life comfortably in

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W5’s hidden cameras catch repair company in action

How does a cheap plastic zip tie that’s worth just pennies end up costing a customer hundreds of dollars?

I might not have believed it myself if I hadn’t been watching a fridge repair go wrong in real time — on a hidden camera.

I was huddled in an upstairs room alongside W5’s producers and a reputable repair technician, Adel Gaynutdinov, as we watched what happened via a video feed from cameras set up throughout a Toronto-area home.

Our cameras had been set up to watch what the technician would do when presented with a test: a fridge that sounded

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Florida man garners millions of TikTok followers for posting clever home repair hacks: ‘A complete accident’

A Florida man has accrued nearly 50 million likes and three million TikTok followers for sharing his simple – but clever – home repair hacks.

The TikTok user, who goes by the childhood name Gator, has posted hundreds of videos.

Gator, who hails from Tallahassee, told Fox News Digital that he was inspired to join TikTok after his son encouraged him to.

“[My son] posted a couple silly videos… and they did really well, close to a million [views],” he explained.


Gator, who hails

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