What Types of Appliances Can You Have On a Boat?

Taking off and leaving the world behind for a boating vacation does not mean you have to leave all modern conveniences at the dock. There are all types of appliances that are run by 12v power and can make life easier on the water. Below are a few of the great choices you have in modern household appliances that will work on boats.


The stove in the galley of a boat is often a two-burner propane unit, but there are three and four burner options for larger galley areas. You can find them in colors that are similar to home models, including platinum and chrome.


There are small microwaves that can be placed on a boat, but these are generally better to use when you have access to an electrical source that will keep your batteries from draining. An under counter placement model works best in small, enclosed spaces.


There are 12v refrigerators that have overhead freezer compartments, or smaller, compact cooling only units. Smaller boats with little galley space can opt for a 12v cooler that takes up the size of an average ice chest but stays cool without the constant need to refill ice.

Ice Maker

Warm weather and boating seem to go hand-in-hand. having cold drinks available can be a problem if there are no areas to stop and grab ice. having an onboard ice cube maker solves this problem. You can large quantities of ice any time of the day or night on your boating excursions.


All of your frozen drinks and smoothies can be made on the high seas using a 12v blender. It can be stowed away easily and takes very little electricity to operate.

Coffee Maker

Mornings are not the same without having access to a nice brewed cup of coffee. There are 12v coffee makers that take up little space and deliver up to 12 cups of freshly brewed coffee anytime you feel the need for a caffeinated treat.

Washing Machine

Clean clothes are no problem when carrying a 12v washing machine. They are not able to do huge loads at one time, but they will keep all of your important garments clean over the journey.


If cleaning dirty dishes is not a chore you enjoy, you can still depend on the assistance of a dishwasher that will fit snugly into any well-designed boat galley. They are energy and water conservative for best results with limited resources.

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