What Are Ants Attracted To?

Researchers who specialize in the study of ants estimate that there are roughly 1.5 million ants for every one human living on planet Earth at any moment. Ants can live virtually anywhere due to their individual strength and teamworking capabilities. Many ants leave pheromones, which is another term for scent markers, to communicate with other members of their colonies. They can tell each other where food is, where the safest places to travel are, and where to avoid. If you have an ant problem or are simply curious as to what attracts ants and keeps them around, you’ve found the right article.

Food – It Doesn’t Necessarily Have To Contain Sugar

While it’s true that ants go crazy for sugar, they can survive on any type of food. Even small bits of residue from greasy or sugary foods can feed hundreds, if not thousands of ants.

Although Ants Love Sugar, They Also Need Water

Water is also important for the long-term survival of ants. Most ants get by with water from the outdoors, though they are forced to find indoor sources of water in habitually dry areas or places that are currently undergoing dry spells.

Ants Need A Good Place To Hide

As mentioned above, ants can leave scent trails to inform other members of their colonies where safe lanes of travel are. When ants are exposed to wide-open areas, they are more likely to be spotted. Further, they are more likely to be killed by humans. As such, ants prefer to reside in places with good places to stay out of people’s view.

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