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Here Are Effective And Affordable Sweet 16 Party Ideas

Is it almost your daughter’s sweet 16 birthday party? Today, so many teenagers wants their sweet 16 party to be very extravagant. But, most parents are more realistic when it comes to these parties. Every parent wants their daughter to have an enjoyable sweet 16 party, however they cannot risk to spend their entire life savings just to have an extravagant birthday party. You do not need to spend too much money and still plan a great sweet 16 birthday party. All you need is to be very creative.

Below are the cost effective sweet 16 party ideas:

A. Set a budget

You really need to set a budget if you want to plan and host an affordable birthday party. If you have a tight budget then you better make a good plan. It would be best if you also consult your daughter about the thing that she wants on her birthday. Ask your daughter, the food that she wants to serve, music to play and the theme of her birthday. You also need to ask your daughter where she wants to have her birthday and who she wants to invite. You can choose an area in the options that were provided by your daughter where you spend more money or save more money. You must list everything that you will spend. You need to involve your daughter in planning.

B. Take advantage of gadgets

Before birthdays should have a professional DJ to play sounds and a professional photographer to take pictures. Good thing today are technology is more advance and everyone can just use their smartphone to take pictures. Ask your daughter for a playlist, so you do not need to hire a DJ to play music.

C. Customize the invitations

A lot of people are not using paper invitations, since there are electronic invitations.
You do not need to spend money when making an electronic invitation. Another benefit of using an electronic invitation is that your daughter can make it according to her preferences. She can use the design, fonts, color that she wants. Custom invitations are very popular.

D. Be creative

Your creativity is the key to having an affordable but fun sweet 16 birthday party. Another way you can save money is to bake your own cake. You should also make and serve mini cupcakes.

Another cool idea is making a candy buffet table. Just purchase a variety of chocolates and candies. You can just put them in jars and put colorful ribbons.

You do not need to spend a huge amount of money to make party favors. You can make home made lip balms and more.

All of these tips that were mentioned above can help your plan and host the best and affordable sweet 16 party for your daughter.