Recycle Your Scrap Metal for Cash

Whether you are a residential consumer or a commercial business, there are many sources of scrap metal that you can sell for cash. Scrap metal can be found everywhere, but one question people have is what to do with the junk. However, you shouldn’t look at a piece of junk and wonder how to throw it away. If it is made of metal, you are looking at cash.

Residential scrap metal

If you have an old refrigerator, running or not, it has value simply for its metal content. You can haul it down to scrap metal facility and get money, instead of fretting over how to dispose of it. The same is true with an old stove. The metal content has value. You may also have valuable scrap metal without even realizing it. Stainless Steel, for example, is worth money and should never be thrown away. Any copper that is scrap should be recycled. Copper plumbing is often replaced with modern plastic materials, but it is worth money as scrap. Old copper pans in your kitchen should not be thrown away either.

Commercial scrap metal

If you have a business, you may generate scrap metal. This is especially true if you are a manufacturing company. Even light manufacturing can generate a lot of scrap metal. Copper wire is something that is left over from manufacturing, but metal scraps at a machine shop just pile up and be sold for money. If you have a junk yard with cars that you use to sell auto parts, you can sell that left over frame as scrap metal. There are companies that buy junk cars sussex county nj for their scrap metal content. This means you can strip down an older car, or simply sell off as much of the parts as possible, then sell the remaining hulk for cash. This frees up space for other cars that may be more valuable.

Metal has value because it is being recycled more today than in the past. Whether you are a residential consumer or a business, you can get money for almost any type of metal you can imagine.