Preparing Your Rentals For Tenants

Getting your rental property ready for new tenants after the last ones leave is crucial. When showing the property, you will want to ensure that it is in the best shape possible. There are several things that should be done after a tenant leaves to ready the rental.


Many rental property owners have apartments, offices, or homes painted before a new tenant moves in to give it a fresh look. Former tenants may have had pictures or other decorations on walls that left a noticeable spot. Sometimes, paint becomes faded after a few years. Either way, new paint can make a very big difference. A company that provides commercial painting nyc is Tidy Up NYC.

A good cleaning is important to prepare rental property for new tenants. In addition to painting, the entire space needs to be cleaned from top to bottom. Ceiling fans, outlet covers, lighting fixtures, switch plates, and even door knobs should be cleaned and sanitized. Make sure everything is in working order including lights and smoke detectors.

Don’t Forget the Exterior

The exterior of your rental property is just as important as the interior. Keep in mind, this is what prospective tenants will see first. If the outside is unkempt, they may not stay to look at the inside. For homes and apartments, you will want to make sure the lawns are mowed, and shrubs and bushes are trimmed. Sidewalks should be in good shape not only for the appearance of the property, but for safety.

Many property owners have the exterior of their buildings power washed every so often. This helps to keep it looking nice and gets rid of dirt, debris, and mold that can begin to grow. A good visual inspection of the outside of the property can often alert you to the beginnings of a problem. You will want to check the roof as well as ensuring that all windows and doors are in good shape and function correctly. Maintaining your property will help you to get a return on your investment by attracting the right tenants.