Often Considered Waste, Coco Fiber Is an Ingredient With Many Valuable Benefits

Coconut trees can easily be found anywhere, in the highlands or lowlands, which is why the benefits of coco trees can be utilized by humans everywhere. Coco fruit, coco shells, leaves, and stems of coco leaves have been beneficial to humans since ancient times.

On this occasion, I will discuss the benefits of coconut fiber which not many people know about, it can even produce profits if processed properly.

Benefits of Coco Fiber for Humans

Coco fiber as organic fertilizer

Organic fertilizer processed from coco fiber can retain and store up to 60% water compared to fertilizer in general. Therefore, organic fertilizer processed from coco fiber can be utilized well even with little water. Apart from that, coco fiber contains many natural minerals that are good for maintaining soil fertility and moisture and supporting the growth of your plants.

Coco fiber as a spring bed and vehicle seat

Nowadays you can easily find spring beds and vehicle seats that are environmentally friendly because they are made from coco fiber. The process of processing coco fiber into coco fiber is then made into sheets, and then it is processed into spring beds and vehicle seats which are comfortable and of course very environmentally friendly.

Coco fiber is processed into handicrafts

Apart from being useful as fertilizer and soft material for mattresses or vehicle seats, coco fiber can also be used to make handicrafts with useful uses or works that can be used as decoration. Because of the value of art and the work being sold, processed coconut fiber can have a decent selling value, of course.

Coconut peat prevents soil erosion and improves soil

Due to the natural strength of coconut peat, coco peat can be processed into netting which is used as a soil barrier to prevent landslides and improve soil structure naturally and quickly. Properly processed coco peat can resist and prevent soil erosion.

Coco fiber as a household appliance

Of course, there are doormats in your house, coco fiber can be processed into environmentally friendly doormats, apart from its benefits for cleaning dirt from your shoes or sandals, doormats made from coco fiber are very environmentally friendly, if you are in doubt, you might want to look at doormats made from processed coco fiber in public areas such as restaurants, cafes, hotel lobbies, and even government buildings. Then as a brush, many cleaning brushes are made from processed coco fiber, which of course also has benefits and is environmentally friendly.

Many more natural ingredients can be processed so that they have high value, hopefully, this article can give you new ideas that are creative and environmentally friendly, because nature takes good care of our needs, let’s protect them and use them wisely.