Knowing Emotional Intelligence and Its Benefits in Social Life

Man has some intelligence in him. Often we hear about intellectual intelligence and emotional and behavioral intelligence or often called neuroscience. Emotional intelligence even has a very important contribution to routine and social life.

Why is emotional intelligence important? This is because emotional intelligence plays a very important role in your social routine which has to interact with other people. Without it, you will not be able to live life as an individual who does not interact with the surrounding environment.

As mentioned earlier, emotional intelligence, which is included in social intelligence, has an important role. This is due to high emotional intelligence and makes a person able to master these 5 abilities:

Self Awareness

Able to control emotions, abilities, strengths, weaknesses, and limitations. A person who has self-awareness can easily hear and accept criticism from others.

Self Regulation

Able to control emotions and actions well so that they are far from harmful impulsive actions. A person with high self-regulation will know when to release his emotions.


An emotionally intelligent person is a person who can motivate himself. Motivation is doing something that will come by itself.


Empathy makes a person understand and develop a connection with another person emotionally. You will also be caring and sincere in dealing with anyone.

Social Skills

Social interaction skills are very important in the world of work. By having high social skills, you can have the ability to communicate and build relationships well.

Emotionally intelligent people can build healthy and enjoyable social relationships. Here are the benefits that you can get by having high emotional intelligence:

  1. Effective communication

With effective communication, you can achieve much better teamwork. High emotional intelligence can make someone able to listen and respond well to co-workers.

  1. Cope with work pressure well

The amount of pressure in the world of work makes people lose their emotions and can harm many people. By having high emotional intelligence and having high self-awareness, it will be easier to manage the level of stress experienced.

  1. Able to accept input

Criticism is certainly very important so that a person becomes more developed. Someone who has emotional intelligence can take criticism well without defending himself.