Items You Should Store in a Fireproof Safe

It only takes a few minutes for a fire to destroy everything in your home, including important documents, cherished family photographs, and a multitude of other treasured items.

You could rent a safety deposit box to keep your valuables safe, but safety deposit boxes come with annual fees and trips to the bank when you need to access them. An effective alternative to a safety deposit box is a fireproof safe. Fireproof safes are easy to access, and they keep your important belongings safe and secure. Furthermore, your homeowners insurance may cover the items kept inside.

Keep reading to discover four items you should store in a fireproof safe.

Insurance Policy Information

If you have a house fire, you’ll need access to your insurance policy immediately. Keeping it in a fireproof safe at your home ensures you’ll have it available whenever you need it.

House Photos

Along with insurance policy information, photographs of your home and its contents often prove invaluable when dealing with insurance companies after a theft or house fire. It’s best to keep them on a thumb drive, CD or other form of electronic media if possible.

Financial Information

Keep your financial contact and account information safely locked away in a fireproof safe. You’ll need this information after a house fire or burglary, so that you can access your funds on short notice. Be sure to keep retirement plan and investment account information in the safe as well.

Birth Certificate

Your birth certificate proves you are a citizen of the country in which you were born. If you lose it, it will be difficult to get a passport, enroll in school, or get a job that requires proof of citizenship.

Fireproof safes are an effective place to store important documents and other significant items. They’re affordable convenient to access. You may never actually need it, but it’s always a good idea to prepare for the worst. Master Security Center can deliver fireproof safes in Denver, CO that will provide peace of mind and allow you to rest easy.