How to Extend the Life of Your AC System

AC units should be dependable for many years, even with frequent use. It does take a little care and maintenance to get the best performance and true longevity. Below are a few ways you can extend the life of your equipment.

Change Filters Regularly

Clogged and dirty filters can cause your AC unit to work harder and reduce overall performance. You should keep filters on hand, or use a filter that is reusable. When dirt and dust are allowed to build up and go through the venting system, it will end up sticking to the AC unit and cause poor performance, breakdowns, and total failure.

Clean the AC Unit Annually

The entire AC system should be deep cleaned every year before use. Eliminating dirt from the surface will allow the equipment to operate normally and extend the years of use without problems. This is the perfect time to have the technician check the condition of your system and spot potential problems before it becomes obvious.

Check the Ductwork for Wear and Leaks

The ductwork is the enclosed system that takes the cool air from the AC unit to every area of the home. It is possible for ductwork to corrode over time, or develop leaks from areas of separation. This can cost you in both lost energy and force your system to run more than necessary.

Have the AC Serviced at Regular Intervals

You should have your AC system checked and repaired whenever you notice a problem. What is simple to fix today can turn into a more expensive problem down the road. You should have the equipment checked over at least once a year to make sure it is in top shape.

Invest In a Service Plan

You can make the process easier by investing in a service plan for your AC unit. All you do is pay a small fee each month and receive a complete checkup twice a year, get priority treatment for service calls, and save money on parts when repairs are needed.

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