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Tips on Staying Sober

The medical term alcoholic means someone that is dependent on alcohol. Not being able to limit the amount of alcohol that you consume within a given time is termed alcoholism. Abusing alcohol is not necessarily alcohol dependency; alcohol abuse is when too much alcohol is taken within a single sitting. Doing this every day eventually leads to dependency. Unfortunately, becoming dependent will mess up with your health both physically and mentally.

The following are signs you should look out for when it comes to alcoholism. Alcoholics become a menace not only to others but themselves, they will blackout, get arrested for drinking and driving and sometimes end up hurting themselves or others in the process. Withdrawal, and a strong want for liquor are all signs that one is an alcoholic. Withdrawal occurs when someone who was drinking before decides to stop. Withdrawal symptoms include sweating, nausea or anxiety. If the symptoms above seem too familiar to you then, you are an alcoholic, and the journey to sobriety is long but worth it.

The first thing you need to accept is that you are an alcoholic and that you want to work yourself out of this addiction. You need to want it so that you don’t go back to your sad habits halfway through the recovery.

If you have any alcohol in your house you will have to throw it as well, if there is a small house bar clear it out. Choose being sober be your life project, think of it as a matter of life or death stance.

Catch up with your friends about your journey so far. True friends will avoid putting you in compromising situations that can cause you to have a relapse..

Other than a home support group, you can take it a step further and join an AA meeting, where you can share stories with other people going through similar things that you are going through. This networking will motivate you to get out of your situation.

Write down what you feel and record situations that you would have otherwise missed if you were drunk.

Eat healthy foods and exercise. Destructing yourself will take your mind away from the alcohol. Making such steps may seem little, but they will keep your head above the chaos that you were in before. You will regain your strength back and start having more time that you can spend with your family and friends. There are various things that are waiting to be discovered, and you can use that time to find them. You can start a blog and share your journey, even start meditating and keep yourself at ease. Don’t allow yourself to be idle.

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