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We Sentence You Bed Bugs to Death

Guests are good, uninvited ones not good. There are those who have the audacity to think they could share your bed . They don’t stop there they have formed a ritual of partaking of your blood. They give you a nasty surprise when they decide its okay to accompany you to work and even make a debut as you are making your once in a lifetime presentation. They are not making a secret out of the fact that they have fallen for your blood and prefer to leave a mark for you to remember. You’ve not slept in a long time because well they don’t let you. Enough is enough, you spot one and you can tell it’s pregnant . not on your watch. There is no way you are letting bed bugs take over your house , they have overstayed their welcome. Ok , now the bed bugs really have to leave.

The fact that they can reproduce at a faster rate and live longer to execute their evil plans should worry you. If you think having a mosquito invasion is bad then bed bugs are ten times worse. A strategy is what you need if you are going to be getting rid of them. Knowing what you are up against is the first step to victory in this battle with bed bugs,. If you reside in apartments or flats you might have to be a brother’s keeper and seek to know if the menace is mutual. Your landlord is not walking out of this, Oh no, he has to be as involved as everyone else. You stop fighting when you have the victory.

I am sorry to inform you that it may take time to get rid of bed bugs. You may have to be intentional about taking a step at a time as you go about getting rid of the bed bugs. Extremely hot and extremely cold temperatures could be of great help if used accordingly. Anything and everything that can find its way in the freezer should be in it and temperatures lowered to about 0 degrees. If you can’t help but get rid of your furniture remember to indicate the word BED BUGS with spray paint, A sort of diary to take note of the progress is of absolute importance. Getting help from professionals is not a sign of weakness, they just know a bit more about bed bug treatment than you do.

If you are thinking about using pesticides you’d better have your facts straight. You are not trying to create another problem. They should be in the bracket of what’s acceptable if you are to use them. Adhering to the right use of pesticides as stipulated by the manufacturer will prove fruitful. The eggs might be difficult to remove but not at all impossible. Desiccants could be your magic wand in this kind of circumstances. You might have to use a variety of pesticides to get the job done but desiccants don’t need to be changed. You wouldn’t make a good villain to the bed bugs if you didn’t have your favorite song playing as you massacre this little beasts now would you?