Understanding Traffic

Which Ad Strategy To Use To Avoid Poor Ranking From Google.

It doesn’t matter the reason behind us starting a website, we always come up with different ways on how we can make money from it. Many websites have used ads as a method of making money all the time. When you place ads on your website and you get good traffic, you stand a chance of making some money from these ads.

According to research by InsightsOne, it has been proven that the majority of Americans will always ignore websites that show irrelevant ads. If your website has a lousy advertisement, it means that the users will have poor experience, which might harm your Google ranking. People with websites have always been after money that they don’t realize that the ads they show have an effect on their Google ranking.

Popunder ads are becoming very popular in recent years. Many web users are familiar with the popup advertising and will close it even before they read the contents. However, businesses are beginning to use the popunder advertising to get some income.

The popunder ads are known for opening on a different tab of the browser. By doing this, these ads don’t interfere with the user and the visitor will only notice them once the browser is closed. These ads are also very effective since the user will get a chance to read them after they are done with their content.

Google is becoming stricter on the ads since the majority of the traffic is coming from mobile. If you misuse the pop ads, then you are risking poor rating for your website from Google.

If you want to get the most out of your ads, make sure that you target your audience. A great example of an irrelevant ad is when a user is on S:CRAFT browsing for shutters and then is bombarded by the weight loss ad. Targeting your audience is very important.

Avoid the idea of tricking your audience into clicking your ads. A good example would be the use of fake “close” button on your ads. By clicking this button, they are actually clicking on the ad and not closing it.

Websites that are known for using misleading terminologies have poor ranking which is caused by poor user experience. Poor experience means that you will get poor ratings which will affect your SEO ranking.

It has been proven that sites with better ads have better ratings. Popunder ads have proven not to affect the rating of your website. They don’t contribute in confusing your viewers and taking their attention away. You can check out our website for more website management tips.